For the 2020-21 postseason, the goal was to make a clean simple look that would represent the UConn Huskies. Bubbles were used to represent the bubble where the NCAA Tournament was being held, and the holographic look played off of that.
Game day Graphic Package
For the instagram posts, the templates were photo-based since it would fit the feed better. 
Photo Preset
One of the main focuses was creating a consistent look, and in order to do that I used Lightroom to create a blue based look that could be applied to all the photos that were being posted.
Social Graphics
As the team began to win games and player began to win awards, graphics were made to capture these moments. My favorite one would be the motion graphic of Paige Bueckers winning National Player of the Year. Some of these were off brand so they could be made extravagant to capture the magnitude of these moments.
The regular season was my favorite branding of the season. It revolved around ice and snow which really captured the environment of Storrs, CT during the season. It was cool to incorporate the realistic effects into all of the graphics that were made.

Game day Graphic Package
For the starting lineup, I used moving ice and snow effects in order to cement the branding into it.
Game day Posters
On top of the game day templates, for each game I made a unique poster to advertise the game. I got creative with these, as they were not bound to the branding.
Schedule Graphics
Since it was a season unlike any other season before, the schedule was always being altered, so as a result there were many schedule graphics to make.
Award Graphics
The pre-season award graphics is really where this branding developed. It was also some of my best work this season.
Jersey Reveal Graphics
The jersey reveal was probably the coolest thing I did all year. It was surreal to be able to be apart of big event like this as a freshman. I tried to capture every aspect of the jerseys as well as incorporating the huskies into it.
This concludes my freshman season at UConn with the Huskies. I look forward to the next 3 years working with this incredible group of people, and growing as a creative in the process. Thank you to everyone who made this possible, even though it didn't end how we imagined, it was an unbelievable year. #BleedBlue
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